Sunday, 17 July 2011

Chin Chin Darling!

Well today had so many highlights that it was really hard to choose what to tell you about, although the rain clouds descending was not one of them.  The first order of the day was of course to get food and coffee, the only problem was I had chosen completely the wrong time to be hungry – there were massive queues to what seemed like every food concession.  Seriously bad!  I’m one of those people that get extremely grumpy when denied immediate food/coffee so in order to avoid turning into the evil green monster I tramped around to the Main Lawn and got coffee and a muffin from the Coffee Bug.   

My saviour!

As I was consuming my coffee this couple doing a piece of street theatre appeared dressed in 1940’s attire, I have to say they were excellent!  The lady was tottering around with a glass of champagne, her companion had a stereo playing 1940’s jazz, both interacting with people around the site and doing hilarious sketches; Chin Chin Darling!!

I adjourned to the tent for tea, really looking forward to Bellowhead in the evening.  Now I love Bellowhead because they create such an amazing atmosphere whenever they play and it’s always different.  The Main Lawn was absolutely packed and steaming slightly from the earlier rain, quite an interesting sight, don’t think I’ve ever seen an audience steam before!  As soon as they started playing everyone discovered their inner Irishness and danced all the way through the set.  Who cares about the rain when a fab time is being had by all?

Oh and just a little note: sometimes the internet connection here is a bit over worked, so if you see a post go up a bit after time, that’s why!

I think the Wishing Tree looks wonderful, if you haven’t been over yet, write down a wish and put it on the tree, you never know what could happen!  I had a little chat with some of the traders today, it was great to hear that they have loyal customers come back every year, I wonder how many other festivals have that?  I do feel a bit sorry for them though with all this mud, I would be going a bit twitchy with wellies tramping on/near my stock but they seem very calm and matter-of-fact about it all.  So many beautiful things to buy, all different and original…I’m not sure about this new flower garland trend though, I need someone to convince me.

I will also be quizzing the Production team about the 10 things that they couldn't live without, so watch this space!

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