Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Until Next Year...

So the festival is over, I'm very sad.  It finished on a fantastic high with Seth Lakeman and Seasick Steve playing the Main Stage on Sunday night.  I knew that Seasick Steve was a favourite of Larmer Tree goers but I wasn't quite prepared for the uproar when he bounded onstage.  He was fantastic, there really wasn't a single minute I didn't enjoy and was dancing to.  I love the fact that half his instruments are made out of hubcaps, broom handles and various other bits and pieces, so much character!  The drizzle was resolutely ignored and I'm pretty sure everyone on that lawn had an amazing evening - what a wonderful way to close the festival.  I got my last bits and pieces from the stalls, I could easily have spent so much more and had to exercise considerable restraint, those of you who were there too will understand what I mean!

I also have to mention the hilarious Granny Tourismo, out on their shopping trolleys in the afternoon.  I don't know how they do it but the two 'grannies' just make the funniest duo and had the crowd in stitches.  The street theatre this year has been fantastic, did you have a favourite?  Please comment below, it's interesting to see who liked which bits.

Out of my way!

On Monday morning I could see the site break-down was beginning - traders and food concessions were packing up their vans and the crew were whizzing around on the buggy things, I really want one but apparently they might notice if it disappeared.  The Production Office will be dismantled and equipment moved back to Larmer Tree HQ.  All this takes a lot of time and effort and doesn't have the same anticipation attached as the setup did, making things move faster.  What we all have to remember is that the crew and production team have been working up to 14 hour days before and during the festival.  Without this the toilets, showers, security and all the other things would not have happened so I think a huge 'thank you' is in order for everyone who worked on the festival.

It was brilliant and I had a wonderful time writing this blog, I hope you have enjoyed reading it and please do have a look through some of the photos of the festival.  Until Next Year!

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