Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Errr....Where Does This Go?!

We have reached the stage now where most of the large scale setup - the Main Stage, ARC, Big Top and various marquees - has been finished.  I am thankful to report there won't be much more in the way of crewmen dangling from high up places.  I arrived at the site at around 5pm today and was greeted by the 'Welcome To Larmer Tree' sign, I'm getting excited, the festival is nearly here! 

As a writer it was very amusing for me to be walking around the site and catching 'err...where does this go?' on my Dictaphone time after time!  I love it when the traders start to arrive, it means the festival is almost upon us and I have observed that most traders and other areas of setup are now going through the stage of establishing where it's all going to go.  The lovely staff of Café Dish were at this point when I went over to say hello, the most important reason being to confirm that there would be a healthy supply of their famous cakes.  Dinah, their fearless leader assured me this would be the case and for all of you attending the festival this year, they will also be doing a daily lunch time special which is definitely worth checking out.  If anybody wants to know where to find me, that is most likely where I will be, cake in hand.  

Err...where does this go?

Anyway, back to the point I was going to make before being distracted by cake - although I have been around the festival before, it really struck me today just how much time it takes to set up a stall, whether it's food, workshops or traders.  We attendees potter around the festival buying beautiful things and eating a large amount of fabulous food and it doesn't always occur to us how much work goes into creating these stalls...and how much effort goes into co-ordinating it all, hats off to the production team!  Oh and don't think you have escaped me Production Office, I appear when you least expect it!

Olivia's drawing of the crew's lunch!

Also, I love the Larmer Luminaries installation; there are a series of 10 miniature doors in the notable trees around the site commemorating people who have contributed to the Larmer Tree Gardens.  It is my mission to find them all – see if you can too!


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