Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mud and Tutus!

I came up to the site rather late today because of various problems with my not so beloved car, such a simple thing really – my wellies gave up the ghost and left me with what my friend called ‘graveyard feet’.  So I went on an adventure to get new wellies and my car decided not to play.   

Anyway, I got up to the site eventually and am feeling like the mud onsite may well be comparable to ‘The Year of the Mud’ 2 years ago.  However, the intrepid Larmer Tree Festival goers braved the rain and the mud for Dress Up Saturday which this year is a ‘50’s theme.  All kinds of tutus every colour of the rainbow and a few the rainbow would be jealous of, multiple Elvis’s with varying degrees of sideburns and Brylcreemed hair.  It was such a fantastic sight and somehow the wellies just made it better! 

The wellies make the outfit!

Looking good Gents!

 While I was goggling all the costumes I caught up with my friend Becca who is one of the Big Survey volunteers.  The feedback she was receiving from some individuals who will not be named included:  “I want more peacocks next year so could they put some Viagra in their feed?” and “Can you make the rain stop ‘cos my shoes are getting wet”….yes that’s fine, we’ll just put in a call to them up there right away...and as for the peacocks, they run away from lots of people you muppet!  How would you feel if thousands of people came into your home drooling over your feathers and squelching around looking for you.  It is quite tricky getting people to give up time to do the survey, even though it is short and only requires one little bit of actual writing.  We need to know what you all think about the festival so please, if you spot one of the volunteers in yellow t-shirts please help them out and do the survey, otherwise how will we know about things like extra peacocks and less rain?!

Elvis, incarnation 56

I am also now a Dub expert after last night’s Asian Dub Foundation gig on the Main Lawn, I have the 2 step down and am planning to buy my own drum…not really!  They were brilliant, the massive bass beats coming over the sub-woofers and especially the fantastic light show that went with their set got everyone young and old prancing around to the beat.  If you aren’t familiar with the Asian Dub Foundation, make it your mission to investigate!

And the winner in pink dress!


  1. I couldn't make it to Larmer Tree this year - and I can't tell you how gutted I was about that.

    Actually, I can - I was as gutted as a lorry load of cod heading for the Birds Eye Factory!

    But in the immortal words of the Terminator, "See you next year!"

    Great blog by the way :-)

  2. Thanks, it's great to get feedback :)

    See you next year!