Monday, 11 July 2011

Day 2: The Big Stuff!

Have you ever experienced sympathetic vertigo for someone else?  Well that is exactly what happened when I spotted a crewman dangling from the scaffold frame of the main stage, he then proceeded to slide down the side of the scaffold!  I applaud you brave crewman, you would never catch me anywhere near a harness.  

An original painting by site artist Olivia Keith

Anyway, today lots more of the big setup is under way, volunteers are dressing the Garden Stage and making it look even more lovely and the sturdy JCB is powering its way around the Main Lawn.  You will be pleased to know that the bar is up and almost running, I had a little chat with the man in charge who told me that for Jools Holland they have 30 staff to cater for all of us who enjoy a drink or two!

To my delight I spotted one of my favourite food concessions arriving; Goan Fish Curries!  Anybody who has been to the festival before will agree with me that there are some particularly delectable food concessions.  If this is your first (of many!)Larmer Tree Festival, I implore you to try something different everyday and treat your tastebuds to a new experience.  I will freely admit that my whole world revolves around food so I am really looking forward to Wednesday when I can plausibly stuff myself without feeling guilty.

What is your favourite food stall?  Leave me a comment below...

On my travels today I wandered around to the Lostwood to see what was going on and came across the lovely Amanda and Simon setting up the book trees for the Book Crossing.  They were studiously putting bulldog clips onto strings and then hanging them in the trees, warning - patience required!  Do make sure to pop along for the Book Crossing Workshops happening on Friday and Sunday!

Amanda and Simon setting up the Kids Book Tree

Tomorrow will see lots more shenanigans so make sure you have a read!

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  1. Fave food - gotta be the Goan Fish Curries - kedgeree in the morning - yum!