Friday, 15 July 2011

Workshops and Reiki Heaven

Well I have had the most entertaining and chilled out day, it was completely unplanned but I think that is the best way to do things at this festival, don’t you?  Waking up to another sunny day was a bonus but it was still 11am before I managed to amble up to the site in search of coffee and pancakes. 

I knew I wanted to do some sort of treatment today but couldn’t decide which one, there was just too much choice for my little brain to take in!  I walked past tents offering Shiatsu, Osteopathy, Reiki and every other sort of massage conceivable, how is a girl to choose?  After ambling vacantly round the secret garden roughly 5 times I caught the eye of a lady outside The Little Reiki Tent.  Now although I like my crystals and will drool happily at the jewellery stalls, Reiki is not something I have tried before.  I had a chat to the lady about where she had her practice (London) and a bit about Reiki itself, booked in for 3.30pm looking forward to a new experience!

If anyone likes Irish/Celtic music and drumming I definitely recommend the Bodraphonics workshop, there’s another one at 2pm on Saturday.  I had a fantastic time whacking the Bodran, first with my knuckles – I think I was a bit over enthusiastic because I took the skin off my first two fingers – and then with the stick thingy.  The rhythms that the 35 or so of us created were incredible and everyone was working together to create this amazing sound.  I have to say the workshops this year really do provide something for everyone and must have taken ages to put together, so thanks to everyone who is involved in the organisation of them!  On that note, I would like to just say that I admire all you lovely Production staff for working 13 plus hour days and dealing with all the problems little and large that mean we can all party on.  Thank you :)

I was a little apprehensive about my Reiki treatment but I like to try new things and it turned out to be absolutely amazing!  I did the 30 minute treatment and came out so calm and happy I probably looked like I had been on the wacky baccy.   If you want to try something new I would definitely say try Reiki, just make sure that you don’t have anything energetic planned afterwards, it took me a good hour to float back to reality!  

I christen you 'The Lamp Tree'
 Oh and for those of you wondering where the cake updates have gone, don't worry there will be a new cake review soon!

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