Thursday, 14 July 2011

Festival Day 1 - A Frisson of Excitement!

What a beautiful day to start the festival!  After a very arduous tent setup session which to me seemed to take longer than the setup for the main stage, we finally made it down to the site at about 6pm.  I made an instant beeline for Pie Minister and the pie of the day ‘Chicken of Dragon’.  With a massive pile of mash and gravy the pie was scrumptious!  Make sure you pay a visit to this food concession!  The most important bit out of the way, I had a look around the Village, you can definitely tell that the festival has started, there is the distinct scent of incense, the blended sounds of world music and a definite frisson of excitement and anticipation (perhaps a little stress from the production team).  The perfect Larmer Tree recipe I think you will agree.  The whole site looks beautiful: all the art installations are in, including the massive flowers at the gates to the Main Lawn which I think may well alarm the peacocks slightly.

I have developed slight protective tendencies towards them over the last few days. When you're mooching about on the lawn make sure you have a peek at the origami installation in the temple, its really special.  I spoke to the couple who created it, it took them a really long time to put it together lets all appreciate it!

An origami wonder...

Tonight is Jools Holland night and brings in thousands so when I got to the Main Lawn at 8.30 it was completely packed with people sporting everything from flower garlands to felt hats and multi-coloured parasols.  Needless to say the gig was amazing, with appearances from Sandie Shaw, Ruby Turner (what a voice!) and Ricky-whose surname I can’t remember-reggae man.  I think the only downside for me was after the concert to see hundreds of plastic cups strewn about the lawn.  I really don’t understand why people can’t just put their empty cups in the multiple bins around the periphery, please remember guys, that someone has to then pick them all up after you.  Ok, rant over…sorry everyone but I had to say something!  

She's braver than me!

All in all a fabulous evening rounded off with a sinfully decadent hot chocolate from the Coffee Bug while watching fire batons being tossed about -  and I get the impression that all the crew and production team are breathing a little easier now the festival is underway!  I met two amazing ladies from the stall with all the fairy wings in the Village who have very kindly posed as a peacock for me to take a photo, thanks ladies!!   

Peacock pose number 1!

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